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Review of Pixies “Indie Cindy”

If “Blue Eyed Hexe”started Doolittle instead of Debaser (knocking the track to number two), it would only improve an already classic album. I don’t know what is more surprising in the track, Frank’s solid Rob Halfordian wail mid way through the track or David Lovering’s unironic cowbell at its opening. The song knocks your dork in the dirt and reminds you of how awesome this Massachusetts band was and continues to be, over twenty years after their last release, my freshman year of high school.

I wouldn’t hear the Pixies until I got to college and this seems appropriate. They always were a college band, hidden in beer-stinked New England bars, the circuit prodigal sons Vampire Weekend would take the mantle of in the present era. The Pixies were a band of their time: Jaded, punky, intelligent and talented. They were Nirvana before Kurt met Dave Grohl. Cobain always cited the Pixies as his favorite band. And get this, the dead icon’s favorite band dropped an album in 2014 and you heard nary.a.fuckin.word.

Besides its no hype, Indie Cindy is pretty fuckin good. Besides the rocker “Hexe,” there is the power ballad, “Greens and Blues” and the sinister “Snakes,” an aptly titled punker that slithers through apocalyptic grooves.

"Andro Queen" is the penultimate track. It reminds me of the underwater theatrics of Peter Gabriel’s Genesis-era voice, mixed with the surprising fun of a Ringo Starr track.

But the highlight here for me is the title track. The song starts out innocent and blusey, but then rips into a tight riff with Frank’s poetry slam barking orders. Then the song finds a Beatlesque chorus, Frank confessing his love for someone’s daughter. I have no idea who this daughter is, but I don’t care because the Pixies kick my ass with that song.

Although it is a tad uneven, this is a solid album, comprised of two EPs smooshed together (which explains the unevenness) And, IT’S THE FUCKIN PIXIES (well, 3/4 Pixies). These guys play well together and Frank’s voice hasn’t cracked (it might even be better with age). I’d be okay if they never recorded again. I’ll always remember that they pulled it off, in 2014, something that bands like the Stooges, Black Sabbath and My Bloody Valentine couldn’t do, by recording an album 20 years later that sounds hauntingly like themselves.

8 of 10

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